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Making Ruuvi Personal

When RuuviTag’s development began back in 2015, our main target was to create an extreme multi-use device for makers, students, developers and electronics hobbyists to use for numerous different purposes.

After the Kickstarter campaign we ran in 2016, RuuviTag’s electronics and enclosure evolved a lot and the device also got all the major certifications such as IP67, CE, FCC, RoHS, Bluetooth and Eddystone. All these enhancements have significantly broaden devices’ use scenarios. In 2017 and 2018, open-source RuuviTags have gained a lot of attention from big and small companies, and today, Ruuvi has more than 1 000 business customers in more than 80 countries. B2B sales have become the most important growth sector to us.

However, right from the beginning, when we launched the crowdfunding campaign 2 years ago, we started to receive great feedback and interest from personal users as well. An affordable multi-use Bluetooth sensor one could use almost anywhere in home. What’s not to like?

Now, we have decided to meet the demand and launch the sale of a single pack RuuviTag, targeted mainly for personal use.

The RuuviTag in its original packaging
First product package samples we‘ve received from our Finnish box factory.

Ruuvi Station Mobile Application

To enable RuuviTag’s full potential but at the same time not to sacrifice its simplicity and ease of use, we’ve developed Ruuvi Station mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

We’ll prepare separate posts about the apps and will go through all their neat little features. But for now let’s take just a quick look what Ruuvi Station is and how users can benefit from it.

The Ruuvi Station mobile application
Ruuvi Station mobile application is an easy to use but still extremely powerful tool.

No Pairing and 3-Year Battery Life

First of all, there is no need to connect to RuuviTags. Meaning, no Bluetooth pairing is required. Your mobile phone is simply just listening for tiny messages nearby RuuviTags send.

The design approach has several advantages of which the most noticeable is sensors’ very long battery life. In normal room temperature, theoretical lifetime of RuuviTag’s battery is approximately three years. The default firmware is sending with full power (+4 dBm) once every single second (!)

Alerts, Custom Names and User Changeable Backgrounds

Great user experience and polished UIs have been always important priorities for our team. When we started to design how the app would look like we took our time to polish it to perfection.

Every nice looking thing at Ruuvi including the app UI is designed by Sini-Maaria. Our talented mobile app programmer is Elias and Marko is responsible for the apps’ quality assurance.

The Ruuvi Station mobile application showing measurements
Custom background photos make it easy to remember where the sensors are located.

Ruuvi Station Android app also has other nice little features like an ability to work as a reliable gateway. We’ll go through the GW feature later in a separate post.

The Android version has been in public beta for some time now and during the testing period, we’ve received some really great feedback from our users. Version 1.0 is scheduled to be published in the next coming weeks.

Ruuvi Station’s iOS version is in continuous development and is currently in private beta. Its public launch is scheduled to happen before the end of Q3/2018. The app won’t immediately have all the fancy stuff the Android version has. But it’ll also start gaining similar extra features after the initial launch.

But Where and How Do I Use RuuviTag Sensors at Home?

Here are some ideas where one can easily measure temperature, relative air humidity, air temperature, movement or proximity to the receiver:

Smartphone demonstrating temperatue data
The weatherproof RuuviTag operates in both cold and hot environments. It’s the perfect solution for tracking outdoor environmental factors. Ruuvi Station mobile app accurately shows the weather data.
People in a sauna
Get a notification when your sauna is warm enough for you to use. This is especially useful if your sauna is by a lake: eliminate the inconvenience of having to check if the heater is doing its job.
A frostbitten horse
The well-being of your beloved pets is so important. Follow how cold your dog’s house gets at night or get notifications when it’s time to cover your horse with a blanket.
Inside of a greenhouse
Follow relative air humidity and temperature to maintain an optimal environment for your plants. Set alerts to notify you when the temperature gets too cold at night. A great gift idea for anyone who enjoys gardening.
A child walking a dog
Set up your mobile phone to notify you if a close relative, pet, or a valued possession gets out of range. Monitor anything from your cat to your luggage. Its many uses will make it a perfect gift for anyone.
The inside of a violin case
Is your basement too humid? Is the air too dry for your musical instruments? Now you can have the answers at your fingertips. A great tool for any house owner, musician, or a collector of valuable objects.

And the list continues! Use a RuuviTag in your wine cellar, cigar humidor, pet’s house, home construction, freezer, refrigerator, bedroom, motorsports, fishing, air conditioning, car heating, outdoor sports and so on…

Only your imagination sets the limit.

And if you happen to run out of ideas, go and check RuuviLab and Ruuvi Forum. And join Ruuvi Slack team.

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Talk to you soon, my friend.

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RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)

RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)


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