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Our Year 2018 and Plans for 2019

The 2018 is soon over and in this post I want to summarise what has happened at Ruuvi and also reveal a bit what’s coming in 2019. I’ve collected here in random order some of the highlights of the year:

More Than 1500 Business Customers in Over 100 Countries!

Already in the beginning of this year, we hit this major milestone of having 1000+ business customers.

Companies – large and small – see RuuviTag as a powerful and safe product to use and build on, thanks to its 100% open-source design. Currently, more than 1500 companies around the world are using our devices in small and large deployments.

In the next coming years we’re expecting exponential growth on our B2B sales as many of the companies are currently in process to commercialise and scale up their end-solutions of which take advantage of RuuviTags. Also, in average, every single day, new business clients order Ruuvi units to play with.

Kaltio Technologies is one of our customers boosting their businesses with RuuviTags. Kaltio has developed their own firmware application to store sensor data and upload it to internet when access points are available. For more examples, check for example this video about their collaboration with Finnair.

I want to emphasise that RuuviTag’s lifespan has only just started. We’re continuously enhancing the design and optimising our production to meet the growing demand. Our clients can be assured that Ruuvi Innovations Ltd (Oy) can and will produce and deliver RuuviTags for many years ahead. In 2018 we’ve increased our storage quantities and we’re quickly able to react to different size of orders.

RuuviTag circuit boards are assembled in France and all the rest happens in Finland.

The RuuviTag paperbag
All the Ruuvi products are 100% open-source and also ready to be deployed on the field. This makes it affordable and intriguing for businesses to build new end-solutions using RuuviTags. It’s also possible to create customised firmware applications as both the hardware and software are open.

I want to say thanks to all of our customers. No matter if you’ve ordered a single RuuviTag to advertise your local business or thousands of units to track your assets, we love you all.

RuuviTag 1-Pack Launch

Just a few weeks ago, we launched our single-packed version of RuuviTag. This means that Ruuvi has finally entered to the consumer market. From now on, RuuviTag will be not be a suitable sensor product only for businesses and makers but also for general consumers.

RuuviTag Temperature Sensor
RuuviTag 1-pack is a consumer packaged version but it’s also a simple step for companies to try out one device first before ordering larger batches and vice versa.
RuuviTag 1-pack launch took place in Slush 2018 event.

Personal users can benefit RuuviTags in so many ways. To measure environmental variables at home using a mobile phone with one or many RuuviTags is really straightforward, easy and fun. Here is a fresh review of the 1-pack by Gary Sims:

The review is about the single-packaged product but also digs into everything else RuuviTags are capable of.

Ruuvi Station 1.0 Mobile Application

In order to make RuuviTags super simple to use, in 2018 we’ve worked hard with our official mobile application. In this month, we launched 1.0 version on Google Play.

The Ruuvi Station mobile application
Ruuvi Station 1.0 is now available on Google Play. The best way to start exploring RuuviTags.
Set alarms, view history graphs, customise background images and more.

I want to thank Elias, Sini-Maaria and Marko from our team. They’ve done great job with the app.

Ruuvi Station’s iOS version is in the making and we expect to release a first public build soon. Until then, a 3rd party app can be used.

The Original RuuviTracker Projects is Back

In 2011, RuuviTracker, the first Ruuvi branded community-driven project was launched. This open-source GSM/GPS tracker device never hit mass production but several hardware models and various software components were created.

In 2015–2018 our team has mostly concentrated to drive world-wide adoption of the 2.4GHz RuuviTag sensors. RuuviTag is the first widely spread product of ours and now, more is coming.

To complement RuuviTags and also enable new unseen uses, we have decided to revive the RuuviTracker project. Soon, I’ll prepare a separate post and more material about the project and its schedule. I can assure you that this is something worth to wait 😉

RuuviTracker uses Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 NB-IoT/Cat-M1 cellular chip. Among many other things, the device will be able to act as a cellular gateway for nearby RuuviTags.
In this photo you can see one of the first RuuviTracker revisions. See more over here.

RuuviTracker will have many appealing features such as: NB-IoT, Cat-M1, GPS, Bluetooth/Thread/Zigbee/Wirepas, NFC, energy harvester, large capacity batteries, external power input, many environmental sensors and so on.

Read more about the project and join the discussion.


Did you know that Ruuvi’s journey started almost 10 years ago when I originally founded the Finnish website Ruuvipenkki? Ruuvipenkki was targeted for Finnish electronics hobbyists and developers and after its initial release, it quickly grew to one of the largest electronics websites in Finland.

An old logo of
A header image I created around 10 years ago.

In 2016, when we ran the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for RuuviTag, Ruuvi Community quickly expanded to have members in almost 100 countries. During and after the campaign, we decided to produce English content only. It was of course the right decision at that time.

But because Ruuvi has strong roots in Finland, we have decided to continue support also the Finnish Ruuvi Community. Old forum messages have been now migrated to and more Finnish content is planned to be published. Read more about it.

Ruuvi at Bosch, Consensus, Wirepas and Slush Events

This year Ruuvi has attended to several events of which the most noticeable ones were Bosch ConnectedWorld in Berlin, Consensus in New York , Wirepas GO in Helsinki and Slush in Helsinki.

In the Bosch ConnectedWorld in February, Ruuvi met with several of our clients and companies we’ve worked with such as IOTA Foundation. Ruuvi also presented mesh sensor kits with Wirepas.

Henri presented RuuviTag sensor kits with our mesh protocol partner Wirepas.

RuuviTag is one of the low-power sensor nodes that can be used with IOTA’s distributed ledger technology. Read more about our work with IOTA.

Consensus is a yearly world’s largest blockchain event. This time it was organised in Hilton Midtown, Manhattan. More attendees than ever, about 8 000, arrived New York City for 14–16th of May 2018 to make new connections and to follow the latest news of the crypto world.

In April 2018 Ruuvi partnered with Streamr to create world’s largest, monetised, open-source sensor community. Currently, we’re working together to enable easy sensor data monetisation using Ruuvi devices.

Ruuvi was invited to Consensus 2018 by Streamr. They build really cool things. One of Streamr’s main goals is to allow consumers to own and monetise their own data.

Ruuvi has already worked three years together with mesh protocol creator Wirepas. RuuviTags can run their proprietary mesh protocol stack instead of the Bluetooth stack which we normally use. This enables large battery-powered low-power mesh sensor networks.

In the end of June 2018 Wirepas organised a yearly 3-day Wirepas GO event for their partners and customers. Read more.

In December 2018, for the third time in a row, Ruuvi attended the world’s leading startup event Slush in Helsinki, Finland.

Henri, Antti and Otso at Ruuvi’s booth.

In the event, Ruuvi had a live demo to present where RuuviTags measured temperatures in saunas at Slush Sauna Village. The data was streamed to a server and beautifully visualised on tablets. Thank you Henri, Otso and Antti for setting up the demo and making sure the event was again a great success for Ruuvi.

… And All the Community Projects!

Ruuvi would’ve not grown so fast without our awesome community. Communities are definitely one of the greatest advantages of using open sourced products over closed proprietary ones. Currently, Ruuvi Community boasts more than 2000 members and is continuously growing.

Twitter images of the Ruuvi Tag
Twitter is full of tweets about #RuuviTag projects. To keep posted about Ruuvi, follow @ruuvicom.

I want to thank you all for being with us. Your work and support is valuable for us and for everyone who is building something using Ruuvi’s software and hardware pieces.

Merry Christmas and happy NY everyone! 🎅

-Lauri and Ruuvi Team

P.S. Do you have feedback or ideas for the next year? Or would you like to do some business with us? Find my direct email here, say hi on Twitter @laurijamsa or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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