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RuuviTag is Now Officially for Everyone

Ruuvi has entered to the consumer market. Yesterday, we officially launched our single-packed RuuviTag product. It’s targeted not only for companies, developers, makers, students and electronics hobbyists but also for the general consumers. Like my Mom and Dad.

RuuviTag Temperature Sensor
RuuviTag 1-pack is a consumer packaged version but it’s also a simple step for companies to try out one device first before ordering larger batches and vice versa. Personal users are welcome to order bulk 3-pack RuuviTags if they would like to have more than two units.

To make RuuviTags super easy and fun to use, this year our team has worked hard with the official Ruuvi Station Android mobile application.

The app has gained many cool new features such as customisable backgrounds, more reliable background scanning, enhanced history graphs, better gateway options and more.

The Ruuvi Station mobile application

Yesterday, Ruuvi Station 1.0 was rolled out to full production on Google Play.

RuuviTags and Ruuvi Station are really easy to use. Standard operation requires no technical understanding.

This is how it looks:

Homescreen for Ruuvi Station
Example of measurements being displayed in Ruuvi Station
Example of screens showing Ruuvi Station

Ruuvi Station iOS version is coming soon. Until then, a 3rd party app can be used.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple but at the same time so powerful.

RuuviTags continuously send tiny little messages over Bluetooth. One message is being sent every single second, 24/7. But this doesn’t affect battery life. Actually, transmitting continuously saves power. RuuviTag’s theoretical battery lifetime is 4 years (!).

This means that with one battery, RuuviTag can measure and send sensor data up to 125 000 000 times. However, we like to say the lifetime is “2+ years” because it’s a safer assumption in actual use.

Mobile phones nearby can hear the messages and that’s why there is no need to pair the device with your phone.

History logging works with the same principle. The Android app is able to collect and store sensor data always when it hears the live messages.

Where to Use?

One can easily find many interesting spots for RuuviTag sensors at home. Personally, I follow sensor data in bedroom, living room, kitchen, fridge, freezer and outside. I also have one attached to my motorbike.

Here are some ideas we also share on our website:

Collect weather data

The weatherproof RuuviTag operates in both cold and hot environments. It’s the perfect solution for tracking outdoor environmental factors. Ruuvi Station mobile app accurately shows the weather data.

Monitor your greenhouse

Follow relative air humidity and temperature to maintain an optimal environment for your plants. Set alerts to notify you when the temperature gets too cold at night. A great gift idea for anyone who enjoys gardening.

Keep your pets safe and comfortable

The well-being of your beloved pets is so important. Follow how cold your dog’s house gets at night or get notifications when it’s time to cover your horse with a blanket.

Get humidity alerts at home

Is your basement too humid? Is the air too dry for your musical instruments? Now you can have the answers at your fingertips. A great tool for any house owner, musician, or a collector of valuable objects.

Enjoy the perfect sauna

Get a notification when your sauna is warm enough for you to use. This is especially useful if your sauna is by a lake: eliminate the inconvenience of having to check if the heater is doing its job.

Keep your belongings safe

Get notified when someone moves your possessions. A perfect device to help protect physical assets of any kind.

To discover more ways to use the devices, check RuuviTag’s personal and business use cases.

A perfect Christmas gift? Yes.

For mom, dad, brother, sister, friend or business partner? They would definitely love to play with it.

Ruuvi Tags wrapped up as Christmas gifts
So many ways how to use these sensors at home.

Place your order soon to make sure it’ll be delivered before Santa arrives…

RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)

RuuviTag Sensor (4in1)


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