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Temperature Sensor for Victron Ekrano GX

Like Victron’s previous control devices, the Ekrano GX is also capable of using RuuviTag’s environmental data. RuuviTags are integrated into the Victron monitoring system, which enables users to examine precise temperature and humidity data on their devices. Having access to this data, users can see the temperature of their fridge or cabin and make adjustments based on these parameters. RuuviTag is the best temperature sensor for Victron Ekrano GX.

What’s Victron Ekrano GX?

The Victron Ekrano GX stands as a leading advancement in the GX product lineup, offering a superior blend of technology and user-centric design. This device enhances power management through its broad connectivity options. This  includes a user-friendly 7-inch touchscreen, the Victron Remote Management portal, and Bluetooth-enabled VictronConnect app, ensuring users have comprehensive control and accessibility to their energy systems from anywhere.

As a successor to the Color Control GX, the Ekrano GX brings additional features and improvements, elevating the standard for monitoring and controlling power systems. It allows detailed oversight of battery status, power usage, and generation from various sources, alongside managing tank levels and temperature, with the capability to adjust settings for optimized energy use.

The Ekrano GX ensures reliable and efficient energy management for a wide range of users, from RV enthusiasts to those living off-grid, promoting sustainable and uninterrupted power supply. By integrating the Ekrano GX into an energy setup, users unlock a new dimension of control and efficiency, making it an indispensable partner for managing power needs across different scenarios.

RuuviTags Are Bluetooth Temperature Sensors For Victron

RuuviTags are tiny but can tell you a lot about the temperature, humidity, and air pressure around them. When you use these with the Victron Ekrano system, setting them up is a breeze. They send temperature info straight to the Victron Ekrano using Bluetooth, which helps make sure your energy system is always running just right, not too hot or too cold.

If  you want to read more about how to utilize RuuviTags with Victron’s devices, check out this article.

RuuviTag is a small sensor that is perfect for RV’s, sailboat and off-grid installations.

How Victron And Ruuvi Work Together?

If you’re curious about how to put RuuviTags and Victron to work together, there’s a video that shows you exactly how to do it. This video goes through how to set up the Tags, connect them to the Victron device, and use the temperature info to manage energy smarter.

In Short: Smarter Temperature Checks, Smarter Energy Use

Pairing RuuviTags with the Victron Ekrano is a smart move for anyone who wants to manage energy better. It’s a simple way to keep things running efficiently and safely, by making sure temperatures are just right. This setup is especially handy for folks using energy in places where it really matters, like on boats, in campers, off the grid, or for emergencies.

Get your own Victron Ekrano Temperature Sensor
Choosing RuuviTag is the best choice for temperature measuring needs in Victron systems.

Get your own Victron Ekrano Temperature Sensor

Choosing RuuviTag is the best choice for temperature measuring needs in Victron systems.


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RuuviTag is a Bluetooth sensor that monitors environmental conditions and sends the data directly to your mobile device. The Ruuvi Station mobile app allows you to view real-time accurate measurements and historical graphs. The app also provides customisable alerts to notify you of critical conditions, such as a melting freezer, excessively high bedroom temperatures that could disrupt sleep, or elevated humidity levels in your basement.

Onboard Sensors (4-in-1)

Temperature: °C, °F, K; typical accuracy ±0,2 °C @ 5-60 °C (±0.36 °F @ 41-140 °F).
Air humidity: RH-%, g/m3, dew point; typical accuracy ±3 RH-% @ 20…80 %. Range: 0-95 %.
Air pressure: Pa, hPa, mmHg, inHg; typical accuracy ±1 hPa. Range: 500-1155 hPa.
Motion: Movement counter. Counter is incremented when acceleration exceeds the threshold on any axis.

Operational Conditions

Operating temperature (with stock battery): -20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F).
Absolute maximum operating temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to +185 °F).
Housing: IP67, splash-proof, non-condensing location.
Battery: User-replaceable CR2477 (included). Supports extended operating temperature range battery CR2477T.
Battery lifespan: Estimated 12 to 24 months.
Bluetooth range: 5-20 meters (indoor), 20-100 meters (outdoor). The sensitivity of the receiving mobile device’s antenna, obstacles and wall materials affect the range. For increased range, use the Ruuvi Gateway router as a receiver.

App Features

Free and easy: User-friendly free app, signing in is optional.
Android and iOS.
Alerts: Configurable Bluetooth push alerts with customisable messages.
Real-time measurements: Track data in real time.
Historical data: Detailed historical graphs available for up to 10 days (offline).
History export: 10-day history export.
Dashboard: See all your sensors at a glance.
Personalise sensors: Use custom backgrounds and names.
Multilingual: Available in English, Finnish, Swedish, French, and German.


Integrations: Victron Energy, Home Assistant, Homey, and more.
Remote monitoring: When not within Bluetooth range, online remote monitoring is available with the Ruuvi Gateway and Ruuvi Cloud, both sold separately.

Technical Specifications

Data sheet: Download (pdf)
Read more info below:

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