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Hello, Friend.

Welcome to our Ruuvi manuals.

On this site you can find in-depth operation manuals for both the RuuviTag sensor node and the Ruuvi Station Android mobile application.

To open a manual you're looking for, click on the menu.

Android vs. iOS mobile app differencies

RuuviTag sends data continuously 1 time every second and these messages can be captured using Android and iOS devices.

Please be noted that Ruuvi Station mobile app's iOS version does not support background scanning. Realtime scanning works well.

Due to Apple iOS SDK's Bluetooth scanning restrictions, iPhone and iPad devices are not capable to scan nearby Bluetooth broadcast messages when the app is not on foreground. History graphs and alerts are currently not implemented on Ruuvi Station's iOS version.

We're continuously enhancing all the software components and we're aiming to bring logged history data import feature available for both Android and iOS users in the future. This will require the firmware to be updated.

Please note: Troubleshooting is located here.