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Manual Ruuvi Station

Nearby Tags

Adding new Tags to Ruuvi Station is simple and can be done through ‘Nearby Tags’.

This page will show you all visible RuuviTags, which are:

  • Within the Bluetooth signal range, and
  • Powered and using the default Ruuvi Firmware.

‘Nearby Tags’ page is always accessible through the Main Menu by selecting ‘Add a New RuuviTag’.

Information shown on ‘Nearby Tags’ page:

  • MAC address
  • Signal strength (RSSI)

Tags are organised according to signal strength in descending order.

Adding a nearby Tag to Ruuvi Station is as easy as tapping on any visible MAC address in ‘Nearby Tags’ list.

Important notice: once a RuuviTag has been added to Ruuvi Station, it will no longer be visible under ‘Nearby Tags’.