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Alerts Not Triggered

Here are some possible reasons:

Alert not enabled in sensor Settings

Check that alert is enabled in Sensor Settings.

Alert range too narrow

Make sure that the alert trigger is configured correctly for your needs.

Bluetooth is disabled

Ruuvi Station requires Bluetooth (BLE) connection, check that your Bluetooth connection is enabled.

Check your device permissions

Ruuvi Station requires location permission in order to see Ruuvi sensors.

Notifications are disabled

Ruuvi Station uses notification settings to show alerts. Check your mobile device notification settings.

Sensor is not powered

Indicator LED light will blink on the Ruuvi sensors when the beacon is powered (the LED is visible only when opening the case).

Sensor firmware

Ruuvi Station can only see sensors, which have the default Ruuvi firmware program.

Sensor signal is out of range

Bring the sensor closer to your mobile device. Make sure there are no structures between the sensor and your mobile device, which could obstruct the Bluetooth signal.

Background scanning is disabled (for Android only)

Ruuvi Station will only listen to Ruuvi sensors when the app is active in the foreground. Enable Background scanning in App Settings to run scans when the app is working the background.