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What is Ruuvi Station?

Ruuvi Station is an easy and fun way to use Ruuvi Sensors at home and for your hobbies. Our mobile App is specifically designed to work with our Ruuvi Sensors. Ruuvi Station is available for both Android 5.0 and iOS 13 or newer compatible devices.

Three examples of Ruuvi Station screens

Ruuvi Station collects temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure, signal strength (RSSI) and movement data from all nearby Ruuvi Sensors, and displays this data in real-time. Ruuvi Station allows you to manage your Ruuvi sensors, set alerts, visualise the gathered weather information through graphs and even send your Ruuvi Sensors data to the Ruuvi gateway.

The official Ruuvi Station Android app is available on Google Play: Ruuvi Station and App Store: Ruuvi Station.

Beta and developer versions of Ruuvi Station App are available on GitHub.

Updating Ruuvi Station

We are constantly improving our Ruuvi Station app. Please make sure you are running the latest version of Ruuvi Station to keep up with the latest features and bug fixes.

Ruuvi Station will be automatically updated, as long as you have allowed automatic updates on your mobile device.

Manual installing, removing and updating of the app can be done through Google Play and App Store.

Minimum Requirements

Ruuvi Sensors are Bluetooth Low Energy compatible sensors and they work with all Bluetooth Low Energy enabled devices. Ruuvi Station App has been tested to work with Android OS 5.0 (Lollipop), iOS 13 and higher versions.

Getting Started With Ruuvi Station

Find here the detailed instructions to get started with the app and the monitoring experience.