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How to Measure and Monitor Temperature in a Grocery Store?

RuuviTag is an accurate, easy-to-use, and reliable wireless thermometer that is great for grocery stores and supermarkets. Monitor temperature, optimize cooling and heating, receive alerts, and examine past measurements easily with RuuviTag. Remote monitoring is possible using Ruuvi Gateway and Cloud service.

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is crucial for ensuring the quality and safety of perishable items in a grocery store. Food will stay more fresh if kept in correct conditions. That’s why many store owners are turning to RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway as a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor these conditions in real-time.

RuuviTag is a wireless sensor that can be easily installed in your store to provide accurate temperature and humidity data. Despite being really easy-to-use and install, the device is higly accurate and work continoussly. All you need to do to have temperature monitoring with RuuviTag is:

  1. Place the RuuviTag in a desired location.
  2. Download the Ruuvi application and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now you have a simple yet accurate remote temperature monitoring system in your store.

If you look closely, you can spot the RuuviTag Pro being attached to the wall of the shelf.

Its compact size and easy-to-use mobile app make it a convenient solution for any store owner who wants to ensure that their products are being stored at the correct conditions. Ruuvi is also an affordable solution for a comprehensive temperature and humidity monitoring system in the whole grocery store.

Ruuvi Gateway is a device that collects data from multiple RuuviTags deployed across different locations and sends them to Ruuvi cloud service or, if desired, to one’s own dedicated server. It provides a reliable and secure way to monitor and manage temperature and humidity levels across multiple spots where environmental conditions are monitored. From the Ruuvi cloud, you will be able to receive alerts and read measurements anywhere and anytime.

You can get your Ruuvi Gateway to read RuuviTags data from longer distances. With Ruuvi Gateway, you will be able to examine all the sensors in your store from the web interface.There you can see historical data from up to three years. That’s really handy if you need to show the temperature values to the authorities To unlock all the benefits, you need to subscribe to a Ruuvi Cloud service, which is rather inexpensive given its provided value.

Here is a screen capture from one of our users using RuuviTag in their food counter. This photo is from the Ruuvi Station web UI. You can see how the temperature stays within close margins and that the counter is automatically melted twice a day.

You can set personalized alerts to notify you if temperatures are unfavorable. This way, you can spot possible problems occurring in the functioning of these cold machines and act before all the food is spoiled. There will be a new function coming shortly enabling you to set a delay on alerts. For example, the upper photo displays a chilled counter that is melted twice a day. With this new feature, the owner won’t receive an alert when the temperature rises just for a brief moment.

One of the key benefits of using RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway together is that they can help reduce food waste. By monitoring the temperature and humidity levels of your perishable items across multiple locations, you can quickly identify any potential issues and take action before products spoil. This can help you save money and improve your bottom line over time. Also, the food will stay fresh longer when stored in proper conditions, and with temperature monitoring, you can optimize temperatures and save money.

Another benefit of using RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway is that they can help you comply with regulatory requirements related to food safety. Many states and countries have regulations in place that require grocery stores to monitor and document temperature and humidity levels for perishable items. By using RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway, you can easily generate reports that demonstrate compliance with these regulations.

Overall, RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway are versatile and reliable solutions for monitoring temperature and humidity levels in a grocery store. With our user-friendly apps and customizable features, they provide a cost-effective way to improve food safety and reduce waste across multiple locations.

Purchase a Realiable Pro 2in1 Temperature Sensor
With Ruuvi's products, you will be able to monitor temperatures effortlessly.

Purchase a Realiable Pro 2in1 Temperature Sensor

With Ruuvi's products, you will be able to monitor temperatures effortlessly.

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