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How to Save Money on Home Heating Costs?

It is said that if you lower the temperature in your home by 1° C, you can save around 5% on your electricity bill.

Recommended temperatures around the house can vary significantly from one room to another from 5° C to 24° C. This creates a lot of opportunities to optimise energy consumption. Being able to adjust the temperatures specifically for a particular room can save significant amounts on heating costs. This requires accurate monitoring of fluctuating temperatures around your home.

By lowering the temperature by one Celsius degree of a four bed detached house, you will certainly save more money per year than the price of several Ruuvi sensors. It takes around a week to get used to a one degree temperature change in your home.


It must be warm enough in a house for the wellbeing of its residents, but heating also plays an important role in keeping the building structures dry. Temperature and humidity levels must be within the appropriate ratio to each other, to ensure comfortable and healthy living conditions for the family. Imbalance between the two factors can unintentionally create optimal conditions for mould and other microorganisms to thrive.


The percentage of relative humidity indoors should remain between 35% and 60%. Dry air can cause various problems for people, house structures and musical instruments, for example. Humidity can be increased with a humidifier, as long as you do not allow excess moisture to build up. To lower relative humidity, ventilate the house when it is cool and dry outside. Other options include an air source heat pump and a proper ventilation system.

Monitoring your home

How warm a particular room should be depends on the utilisation rate, purpose of use, and time of the year. Premises that are only occupied during the summer months, a holiday house for instance, should have a minimum maintenance temperature when not used. On the other hand, outdoor humidity varying from season to season sets its own requirements for controlling indoor humidity.

By installing RuuviTags in every room of your home, you can adjust the heating according to the purpose of the room. You will receive a notification from the app when the temperature changes from set target values. You can inspect previous measurements as well as changes in temperature from our free mobile app, the Ruuvi Station.

Buy Wireless Combined Thermometer And Hygrometer
Decrease heating costs accurately and in a controlled manner with RuuviTag

Buy Wireless Combined Thermometer And Hygrometer

Decrease heating costs accurately and in a controlled manner with RuuviTag


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