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How Do You Measure the Temperature and Humidity Values on a Construction Site?

Ruuvi’s smart environmental sensors allow you to improve site performance and monitor conditions remotely if necessary. By monitoring air temperature and humidity, you can improve ventilation and heating, reduce energy consumption and maintain optimal conditions during construction work.

By placing Ruuvi’s measuring devices around the construction site, you can conveniently monitor the conditions on the site. Particularly on long projects, outdoor conditions at different times of the year bring challenges to the construction site. The mix of summer heat and storms can raise indoor humidity to very high levels, hampering, for example, the drying of concrete. On the other hand, winter frosts require heating, which dries out the indoor air. By continuously collecting real time data on indoor air, you can effectively ventilate or heat the necessary spaces to ensure that structures are maintained in optimal conditions.

By monitoring the effect of heating in different rooms, you can improve the efficiency of heating elements. By reducing heating you also reduce energy consumption which is a significant benefit in times of high energy prices. By optimising the site temperature, you also ensure good working conditions for the people working on the site.

RuuviTags are easy to install in different locations on the construction site. Thanks to their long battery life of 2 to 3 years, they are well suited for use in all types of spaces. The RuuviTag Pro is designed for a more rugged use. You can screw the measuring device to the place of your choice. Alternatively, you can tape the sensor if you can’t screw it in place. Because Ruuvi sensors are affordable relative to their quality and features, you can create a comprehensive environmental monitoring system easily and cost-effectively.

The advantage of using RuuviTags on site is their ease of use. You can easily receive the measurement results on the Ruuvi mobile app or on the Ruuvi web interface via the Ruuvi Gateway. Set customisable alarms, view history graphs and name sensors by location. With Ruuvi’s products, you don’t have to worry about physically measuring site conditions anymore!

Buy RuuviTag And Monitor The Conditions in a Construction Site
Convenient monitoring with RuuviTag

Buy RuuviTag And Monitor The Conditions in a Construction Site

Convenient monitoring with RuuviTag


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