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Why is Temperature Monitoring Important for Properties?

There are several reasons why temperature monitoring is important in a property such as comfortness, productivity, energy efficiency, storability, and regulations.

First, it ensures the temperature in the building is comfortable for its occupants. Extreme temperatures can be unpleasant and affect productivity, especially in buildings where people live or work, not to mention the high energy costs.

Second, temperature monitoring can identify areas where the building is losing heat, which can be addressed to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Third, it can help identify areas where equipment may be overheating or underperforming due to temperature variations.

Fourth, temperature monitoring can protect assets and perishable goods, such as sensitive equipment, artwork, or food, that may be affected by temperature changes. Finally, temperature monitoring is often required by regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Temperature monitoring can be achieved using a variety of sensors, including wired and wireless sensors, that can measure temperature in different areas of the building. The sensor data can be collected and analysed using a monitoring system, which can alert building managers if temperature levels fall outside of an acceptable range.

RuuviTag is a wireless sensor tag that is a great option for property temperature monitoring. It can easily be attached to different objects or locations within a property to track temperature levels. RuuviTag uses Bluetooth technology to transmit temperature data wirelessly to a smartphone or other device. This means that temperature data can be collected and monitored in real-time without the need for wired connections. RuuviTag is small and compact, making it easy to attach to multiple points within a building for a comprehensive view of temperature levels.

The sensor battery has a long life of 12 to 24 months, depending on usage, and can measure temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +70 °C, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments and applications. The RuuviTag Pro model can even be used in temperatures of -40 °C to +85 °C. RuuviTag is also compatible with various platforms and can be integrated with different software and Cloud services for data analysis and reporting.

Overall, RuuviTag offers a versatile and convenient option for property temperature monitoring, offering a high level of flexibility, accuracy, and reliability. With its wireless connectivity, small size, long battery life, wide temperature range, and compatibility with various platforms, RuuviTag is a valuable tool for building managers and property owners looking to maintain comfortable and efficient temperature levels within their properties. RuuviTag also measures air humidity making it an ideal environmental sensor.

Purchase a RuuviTag to your property
With RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway, you can conveniently monitor temperature and humidity in your property

Purchase a RuuviTag to your property

With RuuviTag and Ruuvi Gateway, you can conveniently monitor temperature and humidity in your property


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