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How Do You Monitor the Temperature of Your Medicine or Pharmaceutical Fridge?

Medicines or vaccines that require refrigeration must be kept in a sufficiently cool environment at all times. There are different instructions for different medicines, which can be found on the packaging of the medicine. With the Finnish wireless RuuviTag thermometer, you can monitor the temperature of your medicine or vaccine fridge accurately and easily with your mobile phone and ensure that the fridge does not get too warm during a possible power cut.

Medicines for which the packaging does not specifically advise refrigeration should not be stored in the fridge. Only medicines that require either cold storage (2 °C to 6 °C or 36 °F to 43 °F) or cool storage (8 °C to 15°C or 46 °F to 59 °F) should be stored in the medicine fridge. Temperature control in medicine refrigerators must be maintained at all times to ensure that medicines do not lose their efficacy and become unusable. In cold storage, it is particularly important to keep the temperature high enough to prevent the medicines from freezing, as most medicines and vaccines spoil when frozen.

Medicines should be stored in a refrigerator in the middle of the fridge to ensure adequate ventilation. The refrigerator should not be overfilled so that the thermostat works properly and the door does not have to be kept open for long periods of time when searching for the right medicine.

The Finnish wireless thermometer, RuuviTag, is ideal for monitoring the temperatures in any medicine fridge. The device runs on batteries, so it works without interruption during power outages. The battery lasts 12-24 months under normal use circumstances, making it almost maintenance-free.

The thermometer measures the temperature accurately and continuously and you can read the measurement data directly on your phone when you are within the metre’s Bluetooth range. Alternatively, you can download up to 10 days of measurement data at five minute intervals when you get within the Bluetooth range of the RuuviTag. This allows you to make sure your medicine or pharmaceutical fridge is working as expected and also allows you to view the operating limits of your fridge thermostat on a graph.

RuuviTag works with Ruuvi’s free phone app. So, to start monitoring the temperature of your medicine fridge, all you need to do is get one or more RuuviTags. You can also set metre-specific alarms in the Ruuvi app. This way, you can set a temperature alarm in the app for the desired upper and lower temperature values of the refrigerator. Once you are within the range of a RuuviTag, you will receive an alarm if for some reason the medicine fridge is not within the specified temperature limits.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Ruuvi Gateway, which allows you to view the measurement results outside the Bluetooth range of the RuuviTag. Ruuvi Gateway is a router which receives RuuviTags measurements and shares them with the Ruuvi Cloud service, which allows you to read the measurement data over the Internet. The Ruuvi Gateway allows you to share the measurement results with multiple users, so that all those responsible for monitoring temperatures can receive alerts of abnormal conditions and view temperatures without the need for constant supervision With the Gateway and the Ruuvi Cloud Pro Cloud service, you can also view up to two years of measurement history. During a power outage, the gateway needs a UPS (battery backed up power supply) to transmit data without interruption.

RuuviTags are also ideal for monitoring the temperature in a vaccine fridge! RuuviTags can measure temperatures as low as -20 °C or -4 °F, and RuuviTag Pros -40 °C or -40 -4 °F making them ideal for monitoring specialised vaccine storage.

Monitor Temperature in a Medicine or Pharmaceutical Fridge
RuuviTag offers an accurate and maintenence-free alternative to monitor Medicine or Pharmaceutical Fridge.

Monitor Temperature in a Medicine or Pharmaceutical Fridge

RuuviTag offers an accurate and maintenence-free alternative to monitor Medicine or Pharmaceutical Fridge.


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