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Quick Start – Ruuvi Station mobile app

Ruuvi Station is available for Android 5.0 and iOS 14 or newer compatible mobile devices. Download the app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Ruuvi Station Android
Ruuvi Station iOS

Before starting with Ruuvi Station mobile app

Ruuvi Station communicates with your Ruuvi sensors by either collecting the local sensor data using Bluetooth wireless connection available on your mobile device or by synchronising the sensor data to and from Ruuvi Cloud service when collecting local or remote sensor data using Ruuvi Gateway router.

Your Ruuvi sensor will have the ability to communicate with Ruuvi Station as soon as it’s out of the box! Make sure that your Ruuvi sensor is powered, within a reasonable distance from your mobile device or Ruuvi Gateway router and not blocked by physical barriers which typically obstruct or interfere with wireless signals. Quick Start guide for the Ruuvi Sensors can be found here. 

If you are using Ruuvi Station with a Ruuvi Gateway router, make sure that it’s powered, connected to the internet and configured to send data to Ruuvi Cloud before continuing. Quick Start guide for Ruuvi Gateway router can be found here.

Ruuvi Station Welcome Tour

When launching Ruuvi Station for the first time, our app will give you a short tour showing you what you can do with it. This tour will be shown only on the first launch or when updating to the next major version of the app. If Ruuvi Station app data is cleared, this tour will be presented again.

On the last page of the tour you will be shown either:

“Almost there!”,

With instructions to Create a new Ruuvi account or sign in to an existing account. Choosing Next you will be forwarded to Sign in.

“Let’s get started!”,

When you are updating the app from a previous version and you are already signed in to the app. Choosing Next you will be moved to Dashboard view.

Sign in to Ruuvi account

Signing into a Ruuvi account is an essential part of your Ruuvi experience. Creating a Ruuvi account is free and features available on your account depend on your Ruuvi Cloud subscription plan. Some advanced features require a Ruuvi Gateway router.

Signing in on your mobile app gives you ability to manage and store the following settings in the cloud:

  • Sensor ownership information
  • Custom sensor names
  • Custom sensor background images
  • Sensor alert settings including custom alert descriptions
  • Sensor calibration settings
  • App settings

Ruuvi Gateway users will also be able to:

  • Share sensors
  • View and download extended measurement history in Web App (
  • Configure and receive remote alerts
  • Receive email and push alert notifications
  • Add widgets to Home screen (Android, iOS) and Lock screen (iOS)

Signing in or creating a new Ruuvi account is based on your email address. A free account will be created if you don’t already have one. 

If you are still hesitant and wish to read more about benefits of signing in or wish to continue without signing in, choose Read more link at the bottom of the Sign in page.

Requesting a code sends you an email including a unique 4-character sign in code. This code is valid for single sign in only. Enter the code in the fields exactly as it appears on the email you received. Code will be automatically validated and content will be downloaded from the cloud before forwarding you to the app dashboard.

On dashboard the application will ask you to:

  • Allow activating Bluetooth (unless already active)
  • Grant permissions, which are necessary for Ruuvi Station

App Permissions

Ruuvi Station will ask for a few permissions when launched for the first time and will require these permissions during use as well. Ignoring the permission requests may block Ruuvi Station from accessing the Bluetooth connection, location, as well as reading and writing data to your device.

Requested permissions (unless granted or active):

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Notifications
  • Nearby devices (Android)

Ruuvi Station will automatically ask you for these permissions. Current App permissions and other app data can be viewed and modified in your device settings.

Important notice: your App ‘Permissions’ and ‘Device Settings’ might differ depending on the Android/iOS version being used.

Adding New Sensors to Ruuvi Station

The next step is to add sensors to the Ruuvi Station mobile app.