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Quick Start – Ruuvi Station (Mobile)

Ruuvi Station is available for Android 5.0 or newer compatible devices and also for iOS. Download the app from the Playstore or the App Store.

Before starting

Ruuvi Station communicates with your Ruuvi sensors using a Bluetooth connection. Make sure that your Ruuvi sensor is powered and within a reasonable distance from your mobile device, and not blocked by physical barriers which typically obstruct or interfere with wireless signals. Quick start for the Ruuvi Sensors can be found here.

Your Ruuvi sensor will have the ability to communicate with Ruuvi Station as soon as it’s out of the box!


When launching Ruuvi Station for the first time, our app will give you a short tour showing you what you can do with it. This tour will be shown only on the first launch. If Ruuvi Station app data is cleared, this tour will be presented again.

A tour of Ruuvi Station

After the tour is finished, you will see a “Let’s Get Started” screen, which enables you to scan and assign all nearby Ruuvi sensors.

Tap on the ‘Scan’ button. The application will ask you to:

  • Allow activating Bluetooth (unless already active)
  • Grant permissions, which are necessary for Ruuvi Station


Ruuvi Station will ask for a few permissions when launched for the first time and will require these permissions during use as well. Ignoring the permission requests may block Ruuvi Station from accessing the Bluetooth connection, location, as well as reading and writing data to your device.

Requested permissions (unless granted or active):

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Location (Android uses this permission to scan broadcasting Bluetooth devices and it’s a requirement for scanning to work. Ruuvi Station doesn’t use this data to track you.)
  • Storage (required for graphs history and storing background images).

Ruuvi Station will automatically ask you for these permissions. Current App permissions and other app data can be viewed and modified in your device settings.

Important notice: your App ‘Permissions’ and ‘Device Settings’ might differ depending on the Android/iOS version being used.

Adding New Sensors

The next step is to add sensors to the Ruuvi Station mobile app.