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At What Temperature Should Insulin Be Stored?

Insulin should generally be stored in the refrigerator at 2–8 °C (36–46 °F). These temperatures ensure the quality, effectiveness and safety of insulin. Depending on the product, insulin that is being actively used will keep at room temperature for 4-8 weeks, but please check the product's package insert as it may vary by manufacturer. Temperatures above 30 °C (86 °F are already harmful to insulin and if insulin freezes or warms up to over 50 °C (122 °F), it will spoil.

It is important to store insulin in the correct conditions, as the wrong conditions will reduce the effectiveness of the insulin or spoil it completely. Unused insulin should be stored in the refrigerator, once you have ensured that it is within the allowed temperature limits. Older refrigerators in particular can cool to freezing temperatures without you noticing, if they are set incorrectly.

When using insulin, you can store it at room temperature. When you’re on the move, it’s best to keep insulin close to your body in cold weather. In hot weather, it may make sense to keep a separate cooler for your insulin to protect it from getting too warm.

Insulin should also not be stored in direct sunlight, as the sun destroys the chemical structure of insulin, making it less effective. In addition, sunlight can significantly increase the temperature locally.

Measuring the storage temperature of insulin with a temperature sensor

To keep insulin in the best possible conditions, it is a good idea to monitor its storage temperature continuously. Whether it is a home fridge or a cooler used on the move, knowledge of its actual temperatures is important for the safe use of insulin. In addition, a temperature sensor can alert you if the temperature is about to reach unsuitable levels and you have time to change the conditions before it is too late.

The RuuviTag Bluetooth environmental sensor is a Finnish innovation that is perfect for insulin temperature monitoring. It’s small and durable, works wirelessly with your phone and the battery lasts around two years under normal conditions. RuuviTag works within the Ruuvi app, where you can set customised alarms, track history charts and view real-time measurement results, among other things.

RuuviTag measures air temperature, humidity, pressure and movement of the sensor itself.

You can set the Ruuvi app to send a push alert if your insulin is not at 2-8 °C (36–46 °F). This way you don’t need to constantly monitor the storage temperature of your insulin. You can also use the RuuviTag to check the temperature of unfamiliar fridges or cold spaces. Initially, set the RuuviTag to measure the temperature before exposing the insulin to potentially harmful conditions.

Note! Ruuvi’s products are not designed or manufactured for a medical use and should not be used for critical or life supporting applications. For medical products such as insulin, check the product packaging for proper instructions and storage conditions. We do our best to keep our hardware and software in the best possible condition, but we do not guarantee 100% availability and data integrity. The information on this page is in no way a substitute for information or advice from medical professionals and should not be followed if it conflicts with previously obtained information or advice. The use of RuuviTag is at your own risk and Ruuvi Innovations Ltd is not responsible for any damage caused by its equipment.

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Buy Your Own RuuviTag

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