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What is The Ideal Temperature in a Cool Box?

The ideal temperature in a cool box is the same as in a fridge, i.e. + 2 - 6 °C. A cool box will remain at the ideal temperature if you cool it properly, keep it in a shady place and let a wireless cool box thermometer monitor the temperature continuously.

A cool box is a great way to keep food cool on every trip. Because there are many models, there is no one right way to keep your cooler cool. RuuviTag is a wireless thermometer that allows you to measure and monitor the temperature of your cooler from the convenience of your phone.

Installing RuuviTag in your cool box is easy. You can attach it to the side or lid with tape. You can also use screws to attach the device if your box allows it. Avoid placing the meter on the bottom of the cool box to avoid prolonged contact with melting ice or condensation water. Splashes do not harm RuuviTag, but if the instrument is in direct contact with water for a long period of time, its components may be damaged.

If you are looking for a completely waterproof thermometer to a cool box, you can get Ruuvitag Pro 2in1. It’s capsule is sealed so it cannot measure air humidity nor air pressure.

RuuviTag is a handy thermometer in a cooler, as it works with almost any newer phone or tablet. RuuviTag transmits its readings via Bluetooth, so they can be read on your phone at all times. With a wireless thermometer, you don’t have to open the lid of the cooler to check the temperature, which in itself helps keep the space cold. The readings are also readable on the phones of other people nearby.

Cool box automatic temperature monitoring

You can set alerts in the Ruuvi app for the reading thresholds you want. In other words, you can set an upper and lower limit for the desired temperature and receive a notification on your mobile phone if the measured temperature is not within these limits. With alerts, you don’t have to constantly check the temperature of your cool box and you can concentrate on everything else. RuuviTag will notify you when additional cooling is needed.

RuuviTag also measures air humidity and pressure and the movement of the device itself with an acceleration sensor. You can read more about our use cases if you want to know what you can measure with these products.

A wireless thermometer in a cooler makes it easier to monitor the temperature and ensures that food or other delicate products are kept in the right conditions. It is particularly useful on long journeys when you are not physically present to monitor the cooler.

Buy a wireless thermometer to your cool box
RuuviTag is the best option as a wireless thermometer in the coolbox.

Buy a wireless thermometer to your cool box

RuuviTag is the best option as a wireless thermometer in the coolbox.


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