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How to measure the relative humidity percentage in the basement?

A basement that is too humid is an optimal growing environment for mould and since the air in the basement is usually colder than in the living quarters, cold and impure air migrates all around the house. Monitor your basement's relative humidity with Ruuvi Bluetooth sensors in order to make sure that the conditions are not harmful.

Basements are usually on the ground level, or below it. As a result, there are multiple ways water can get into space. With relative air humidity monitoring, you can’t ensure the moisture levels of the structures, but you can receive a good indication of possible problems arising in the basement. If you take care of your basement’s environmental conditions before more serious problems occur, you could save a fortune.

Basement renovations should almost always be left at the hands of professionals. A wrongfully executed renovation can actually increase the problems you were trying to fix. There are multiple ways of trying to decrease the humidity in a basement. These include: heating the basement, improving drainage, changing the materials inside the basement, and building a bottom well.

With Ruuvi’s sensors, you can conveniently check the relative and absolute humidity levels in the basement. Air humidity in the basement fluctuates with outside air humidity. Hence, during summer heat, the relative humidity in a basement can reach levels between 80% and 90%. If these levels of humidity are constant in the basement, problems may arise in the long run.

Ruuvi’s sensors measure air humidity and temperature. Install the sensor on a counter in the basement, or alternatively, attach it to a wall. This is the best way to measure air humidity in the basement. Ruuvi’s sensors send measurement data directly to your phone via Bluetooth. In the Ruuvi application, you can examine long-term graphs and therefore be aware of the differences in air humidity overtime. In addition, you can create alerts to alert you when your pre-set threshold is exceeded.

Measure your basement’s conditions and you will receive valuable insights regarding what is going on in your basement!

Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


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