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What Are the Optimal Humidity and Temperature Levels in the Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Bedroom temperature begins to have a straining effect on the quality of sleep when it rises above 20 degrees Celsius.

The quality of sleep has a major effect on the quality of life. It is a relief to know that even without fancy wearable devices monitoring your sleep, optimising the temperature and humidity in the bedroom can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

Excessively warm air in the bedroom disturbs the body’s own thermoregulation and natural sleep cycles, which causes intermittent and restless sleep. By optimising your bedroom environment, you will sleep better and therefore feel better when you are awake.

Dry room air, on the other hand, dries the airways and exposes them to impurities and pathogens. Dryness has a negative effect on the eyes, skin and hair as well. Dry air can lead to snoring and for small babies result in interrupted sleep. Dry seasons, electric heaters and radiators can excessively reduce indoor humidity.

You can easily increase the humidity level with a humidifier. Remember to be careful not to humidify the room too much. Relative humidity above 70% creates favourable conditions for mould and bacteria to grow.

You will most likely get a good night’s sleep when the room temperature is around 18° C and the relative humidity is between 35% and 50%.

The best sensor for measuring temperature and humidity is the RuuviTag. For realistic measurements, place the sensor right beside your bed on the same level as your pillow, for example on the bedside table. It is suggested to place the RuuviTag on a designed stand, so that it stays upright and measures the surrounding air with the highest accuracy.

Buy Wireless Combined Thermometer And Hygrometer
Monitor and adjust your bedrooms conditions to sleep better

Buy Wireless Combined Thermometer And Hygrometer

Monitor and adjust your bedrooms conditions to sleep better


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