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How to measure conditions in a terrarium?

With RuuviTags you will ensure optimal environmental conditions for your exotic pets.

Exotic animals such as lizards, snakes, turtles, guinea pigs and birds require specific conditions in their habitat. The correct temperature in a terrarium or cage helps keep your pet healthy. For example, there needs to be a warm and a cooler side in a terrarium for cold-blooded reptiles. This requires careful monitoring of temperatures in different sections of the terrarium.

It is also important to know the relative humidity, when it comes to creating a natural living environment for exotic animals. Pets that are native to humid environments benefit from humidity monitoring, while for example some lizards living in predominantly dry environments require a humid space to shed their skin. You can monitor humidity with Ruuvi’s sensors and receive a notification if the terrarium conditions require some adjustments.

Exotic animals are particularly sensitive to rapid temperature changes. Depending on the animal, the effects of temperature change may appear as apathy, loss of appetite, illness or even death. If you notice your pet behaving differently, you can detect any changes in temperature from the 10 day history graphs in the Ruuvi application, but ideally you will want to set alerts that will inform you as soon as a condition changes, so you can respond quickly. If you desire to explore graphs from a longer period of time, it is worth checking out the Ruuvi Gateway and Cloud service. This is especially useful if you need to be away from your pet for extended periods of time.

Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


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