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How Do You Store Wine?

In order for the wine to mature, it should remain at a temperature of about 12 °C , and at least between 10 °C and 16 °C . If the wine bottle has a traditional cork, the humidity should be somewhere between 65% to 75% so that the cork does not dry out and spoil the wine, nor cause the bottle to become mouldy.

To preserve wine for a long period of time, you must store it in an optimal temperature and air humidity. If you want to store wine long-term, it’s worth creating a suitable space for the wine bottles. The space should remain at a low temperature, be humid and dark and have the possibility of storing wine horizontally. A wine cellar is best suited for this task, but for smaller quantities it is possible to use wine shelves or cabinets. The space should be dark so that sunlight doesn’t spoil the wine’s inherent ageing. Wine bottles should be stored horizontally so that the bottle cork is in constant contact with the liquid and thus does not dry out. If the cork in the wine bottle becomes too dry, it will allow oxygen to enter the wine bottle, which will ruin the taste of the wine.

Ruuvi sensors are ideal tools for storing wine correctly as they measure air temperature and humidity. They are very accurate and reliable, so you will be constantly aware whether or not the wines are in an optimal environment. You will also receive alerts if conditions become unfavourable, so you can make changes in the storage facilities if necessary.

Place RuuviTag or RuuviTag Pro 3in1 in the space where you store wine. Place the measuring device close to the wines and if the space is larger, more measuring devices will give you a more detailed view of the conditions inside the cellar or room. Once you have placed the sensors in the space, set their temperature alarm limits from 12 °C to 16 °C and air humidity alarm limits from 65% to 75% in the Ruuvi Station application.

By ensuring suitable conditions for your wines, you can be assured that their quality improves rather than deteriorates with age. If wines are in a temperature that is too high, their ageing process is too fast and thus uncontrollable. On the other hand, if the conditions are too cold, the ageing process slows down or stops. By investing in quality environmental sensors, you also invest in your wines and ensure their value doesn’t decrease.

Buy Combined Thermometer and Hygrometer to Wine Cellar
Store wine in proper conditions with RuuviTag

Buy Combined Thermometer and Hygrometer to Wine Cellar

Store wine in proper conditions with RuuviTag


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