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How to improve my work efficiency?

You are likely to work more efficiently if you adjust the temperature in your office to be warmer than average.

Research shows that temperature has an impact on mathematical and linguistic skills. It also affects how persistent you are when solving problems.

During sedentary work, the body is less capable of warming itself, so it is recommended to have a higher than average temperature at the office. If a workspace is too cool, it takes a toll on tasks that require accuracy, as more energy is spent on keeping our bodies warm. Likewise, an excessively warm environment also decreases work efficiency.

In general, men have a faster metabolism and they perform better at lower temperatures (around 22° C). Women, however, statistically perform better at higher temperatures than men. According to studies, if all sexes work in the office, it is more efficient to adjust the temperature to a slightly higher level. The optimal temperature in the office should be between 22° C and 25° C.

Place the RuuviTag on its designed stand on an office desktop and set an alarm in the application to notify you about adverse temperature changes. It often takes hours for the human body to notice changes in temperature, so having real-time alerts can help minimise negative effects on productivity.

Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


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