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Why Is the Attic Susceptible to Damaging Moisture Conditions

Warm and humid indoor air can condense into water as it cools, a possible leak in the roof can allow water to enter inside, or cold water inside pipes running through the attic can increase the humidity percentage of the attic to dangerous levels.

The attic is a challenging space because its temperature and humidity can change rapidly. On summer days, the attic can reach temperatures of up to 40 °C (104 °F), while in winter it can be freezing. The temperature directly affects the relative air humidity. It makes sense to monitor the temperature and humidity of the attic to avoid damage due to moisture. In a space with low occupancy, slow-onset damage is not easily noticed.

Moisture damage and mould can significantly reduce indoor air quality. Mould causes allergic symptoms for most people and high humidity can damage the building’s structure. There is no precise optimum temperature or humidity for the attic, but mould can start to grow at 70% relative humidity, depending on the species. Mould needs temperatures between 5 °C and 25 °C to grow. (40 °F – 77 °F). To avoid mould damage, make sure that the relative humidity of your attic does not exceed 70% for prolonged periods of time. If there are water pipes running through the attic, the temperature must not drop below zero (freezing temperatures). If you store any temperature- or humidity-sensitive products in your attic, consider the optimal conditions for storing them.

RuuviTag allows you to conveniently monitor temperature and humidity with your phone. With the sensor’s long Bluetooth range, you can read the conditions from the upper levels while being in other areas of your house and vice versa. Ruuvi’s sensors work with the free Ruuvi application, where you’ll find practical functionality for monitoring different conditions. Alerts will tell you about adverse changes in your attic and graphs will show you long-term trends. With the Ruuvi Gateway, you can view conditions even when you’re not at home, and also share the sensor’s data with the whole family.

Install the RuuviTag in the attic, either near the centre of the attic or alternatively where you suspect potential problems, such as near water pipes. You can also place several sensors around the attic if you want to get more accurate data from a larger attic. The RuuviTag 4in1 and the RuuviTag Pro 3in1 are suitable for moisture monitoring.

Get a wireless hygrometer to your attic
Ensure proper conditions inside an attic effortlessly with a RuuviTag.

Get a wireless hygrometer to your attic

Ensure proper conditions inside an attic effortlessly with a RuuviTag.


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