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At What Temperature Does the Dough Rise Best?

The optimum rising temperature for most doughs is around 22 °C to 25 °C or 72 °F to 77 °F. At this temperature, the yeast or sourdough starter is sufficiently active to raise bread, pizza or bun dough. At higher temperatures, the raising agent is too active and the dough does not have enough time to develop. If it is too cold, the dough may not rise sufficiently or may take a long time to rise.

Most doughs need time to rise so that the final result is airy and soft. However, there are big differences between different doughs in the temperatures at which they need to rise, and in the time it takes for them to rise. For example, pizza dough and sourdough need to be raised very carefully, as the process can take from several hours to a few days.

The rising time depends a lot on the temperature. Therefore, the recommended rising times in the baking instructions can lead to very different results. If the temperature is too high, the yeast will be too active and the gluten in the dough may not develop sufficiently. On the other hand, if the temperature is too low, the yeast will not be active enough and the dough will not rise to the desired level.

With a RuuviTag you can accurately monitor the rising temperature of the dough. Place the sensor near the dough to be raised and you will receive the temperature values directly on your phone. With the chart feature of past measurements, you can view temperatures throughout the rising time and make changes to the rising time the next time you bake, based on the final result and the collected historical data. This way you can make your pizza and sourdough bread more and more successfully every time! If you want to make delicious pizzas at home or perhaps start baking sourdough bread, you can find instructions for both on our blog!

Buy a Wireless Thermometer to Your Kitchen
With an accurate thermometer, you can monitor how long your dough takes to rise.

Buy a Wireless Thermometer to Your Kitchen

With an accurate thermometer, you can monitor how long your dough takes to rise.


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