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In What Conditions Are Musical Instruments Best Preserved?

The optimal relative humidity for most musical instruments is between 40% and 60%. Musical instruments thrive at the same temperature as you do, which is approximately 20 degrees C.

Most musical instruments are made out of wood. As a building material, wood is light and durable, but it’s vulnerable to changes in humidity. In excessively dry air, wooden parts dry up and may crack as a result. Wooden instruments like guitars and violins for example, are sensitive to any damage or warping, and so their sound quality will suffer significantly from even the slightest distortion.

A large variation in humidity also affects the tune of the instruments. In dry air, the neck of the guitar and violin shrinks and twists, and you have to start every playing session with tuning. The piano, moreover, is difficult and expensive to tune. The warped wood might make the piano go out of tune, making the instrument virtually unplayable.

If the instruments are in an environment that is too humid, mould may begin to form on them. The humidity of the wood in the instruments varies with air moisture. This is why wooden instruments can warp in moist air. In addition, the adhesive surfaces of the parts lose their strength.

When storing musical instruments, stability of conditions is really important. Rapidly changing temperature and humidity levels can cause expensive damage to musical instruments. Instruments are almost always valuable objects. Keeping them in favourable conditions is worth the effort, because nobody would want their expensive piano or guitar to become unusable!

Monitor conditions easily with a RuuviTag

RuuviTag’s measurement data is accurate and reliable. Due to its small size, you can easily place a Ruuvi sensor in the protective case of an instrument or anywhere near the instruments in an inconspicuous location. You can look at the graphs in the Ruuvi Station mobile app to see how temperature and humidity values vary in storage locations. If excessive change is recorded, you can make corrections to the conditions or change the location of the instrument before it’s too late.

Ruuvi’s mobile app’s alarms are also a great tool for a music room’s environmental monitoring. You will be informed immediately if conditions are not optimal. Whether it’s an unsealed window, lack of air humidity or lack of heating, you’ll be informed before any damage can happen to your instrument.

Buy Wireless Combined Thermometer And Hygrometer
Store musical instruments in unharmful conditions with RuuviTag

Buy Wireless Combined Thermometer And Hygrometer

Store musical instruments in unharmful conditions with RuuviTag


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