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At What Temperature Can You Dry Food?

The recommended temperature for drying food is around 50 °C or 122 °F. At the beginning of the drying process, you can briefly raise the temperature to around 60 °C to 70 °C or 140 °F to 158 °F, but after a few hours you should lower it to 50 °C or 122 °F.

Drying foods such as mushrooms, berries, vegetables, herbs and meat is a handy way to save tasty ingredients for later use. Microbes cannot grow in dried food because there is not enough water to promote their growth.

Drying food in a home oven takes time and patience, as the oven temperature should not be too high. In the long run, the temperature should be below 50 °C or 122 °F to prevent the food from cooking. The oven should be a convection oven and the oven door should be slightly open to allow sufficient ventilation. Foods to be dried should be turned and moved during the process to ensure that all of the food is adequately dried.

RuuviTag is a handy tool to help you to keep the temperature low enough. The standard RuuviTag can withstand temperatures up to +70 °C or 158 °F, and by purchasing a higher temperature battery you can increase the heat tolerance of the device up to +85 °C or 185 °F. Place the RuuviTag next to the food to be dried in the oven and you’ll get continuous and real time temperature data directly on your phone. You can set an alarm in the Ruuvi app, so your phone will tell you when the temperature in the oven exceeds the set value. This way, you can set an alarm for +45 °C or 112 °F, for example, so that when you receive the alarm you can turn the oven off. On the other hand, when the temperature drops below a certain value, you will likewise be notified and you can turn the oven back on for a while.

Buy Wireless Thermometer to Dry Food Safely
With RuuviTag, you can conveniently dry food at home

Buy Wireless Thermometer to Dry Food Safely

With RuuviTag, you can conveniently dry food at home


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