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What temperature should you keep in a garage?

The temperature in your garage can be kept close to zero degrees Celsius if there is sufficient ventilation and there are no water pipes vulnerable to freezing in the room.

The suggested temperature in a garage is no less than 5° C, preferably between 12° C and 15° C. The temperature does not necessarily need to be over zero degrees Celsius if the relative humidity remains low enough. Additionally, if there are water pipes vulnerable to freezing, it is important to avoid subzero temperatures.

A garage is often a semi-heated space where humidity may cause unwanted issues. If you do not want to maintain high temperatures in the garage, then efficient ventilation is required to prevent moisture build-up. Excessive moisture can expose structures to mould and stored property to rust.

A wet car or a baby stroller in the garage can raise the relative humidity to as high as 95%. Keeping garage doors open on the other hand may also affect the humidity, especially if it is very humid outside. Optimal humidity in the garage should be around 45% to 50%.

RuuviTags perform as excellent guards against excessive humidity and subzero temperatures. We recommend the RuuviTag Pro (3in1) for your garage. It measures temperature, humidity and motion. It is recommended to occasionally check that the Bluetooth range is good enough to avoid any unpleasant surprises. If necessary, you can get a longer range by linking your tag or multiple tags with a Ruuvi Gateway router. The Ruuvi Gateway and Cloud service also provide customisable and secure email alerts.

RuuviTag Pro
Measure temperature, humidity and motion.

RuuviTag Pro

Measure temperature, humidity and motion.

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