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How To Monitor the Environmental Conditions of a Holiday House Remotely?

With Ruuvi sensors and Gateway you can easily follow temperature and air humidity remotely. You can also set alerts to the Ruuvi app and it will warn you if temperature is too low or air humidity is too high.

In addition to the wonderful holiday house season, owning a summer residence can bring constant concerns for the conditions inside an unused property, especially during the winter months. With the help of Ruuvi’s environmental sensors, you will have peace of mind by being aware of the exact conditions of your holiday house at all times. You will receive an alert if the conditions aren’t optimal, wherever you are.

Cottage temperature and air humidity measuring with Ruuvi Gateway

Wherever you are, the Ruuvi Gateway enables seamless remote monitoring of the unused house. The Ruuvi Gateway is ingeniously designed to safely convey the measurement data of all Ruuvi sensors within its coverage range to the Cloud without the need for configuration. You can view data accumulated in the Cloud using the Ruuvi mobile app or browser. In addition to allowing remote monitoring of the cabin or house from anywhere, the Ruuvi Gateway offers new features to Ruuvi’s sensors:

  1. You will receive alerts by email when a measurement value is not within the desired limits. You can set personal messages for alerts to remember what the alert is about.
  2. You can share the measurement data from Ruuvi’s sensors inside the Gateway range with your family and friends. This allows more people to monitor the condition of the cabin at the same time.
  3. The measurement data that arrives via the Ruuvi Gateway is displayed in the Ruuvi web interface, where the measurement data is stored for several years.

Measure and follow cottage temperature

Winter frosts can bring the interior temperature of the cottage down to zero. In this case, water pipes with water inside them can freeze and break. On the other hand, maintaining too high a temperature in the cottage during the winter season consumes a huge amount of energy. Put the Ruuvi sensor indoors and set the appropriate upper and lower limits of the alarms in the application.

It’s also worth monitoring the temperature in the cold storage facilities, such as fridges or freezers in the cottage for food safety. Ensure proper food storage easily with Ruuvi’s sensors.

Measure and monitor cottage air humidity

In the basement, the crawl space or the attic of the cottage, air humidity may rise to very high levels in the summer heat. High relative humidity exposes the structures to rotting, which may in the worst case scenario damage both the indoor air quality of the holiday house and the durability of the house structures. Indoor air that is too humid is a perfect environment for bacteria and mould growth which are harmful to our health. Measuring humidity in the bathroom and kitchen may also help detect potential water damage.

There are numerous different use cases in holiday houses as well as in regular houses, where environmental monitoring is beneficial. Discover more use cases below.

Buy Ruuvi Gateway And The Measurements Are Always With You
Purchase a Gateway to relay RuuviTags measurements to the Ruuvi cloud service.

Buy Ruuvi Gateway And The Measurements Are Always With You

Purchase a Gateway to relay RuuviTags measurements to the Ruuvi cloud service.


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