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What is The Correct Temperature For Home Storage?

The recommended temperature for home storage is 7 °C - 12 °C or 45 °F - 54 °F. To keep the space dry and prevent mould from forming on the structures and objects being stored, the humidity in the storage should be maintained between 40% and 50%. If there are water pipes inside the space, the temperature should be measured at floor level, where the temperature can drop to near freezing.

In a home storage unit, the temperature does not need to be kept very high, therefore it offers a great way to save on heating costs. However, it is worth monitoring the conditions in the room constantly, to ensure that the humidity does not rise too high.

The ideal temperature of a home storage is also influenced by the objects stored there. For example, if you want to store more delicate instruments, you should keep the temperature at around 12 °C – 15 °C or 54 °F – 59 °F. In addition, if there are water pipes running through the space or you are storing bottles of wine, for example, the temperature should be kept sufficiently above 0 °C to prevent water and other liquids from freezing and causing damage.

Measure the conditions in a home storage room or space continuously with Ruuvi’s measuring instruments. RuuviTag is an environmental sensor functioning wirelessly with Bluetooth, that allows you to conveniently monitor temperature, humidity, air pressure and the movement of the sensor itself. You can get the results of the RuuviTag measurements directly on your phone via Bluetooth. If you want to monitor the readings of your measuring devices when you are out of the sensor’s Bluetooth range, you can also purchase the Ruuvi Gateway. The Gateway listens to RuuviTags and shares their measurement results via the Internet to Ruuvi’s Cloud service, where you can view the measurement results remotely.

You can also set customisable alarms for different conditions with Ruuvi’s measuring devices. This feature is especially handy for a warehouse that you are not constantly checking. Set the lower limit for a temperature alarm to 7 °C or 45 °F and you’ll receive a notification on your phone if the temperature drops below that. You can do the same for humidity! This way you don’t have to constantly monitor the conditions inside the warehouse.

Buy RuuviTag And Monitor The Conditions in a Storage
Receive accurate information about temperature and humidity in a storage to your phone.

Buy RuuviTag And Monitor The Conditions in a Storage

Receive accurate information about temperature and humidity in a storage to your phone.


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