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How do I keep my camper van or caravan dry and in good condition?

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of a camper van or a trailer is important all year round. Ruuvi's measuring devices can help you keep the humidity under control and maintain optimal temperature for both the structures of the van and your family's comfort.

Mould in the camper van

There are several things to consider when heating up the interior of the camper van; energy consumption and the living conditions for your family, as well as optimal conditions for the van itself. Heating consumes a lot of electricity, but it can also prevent excessive accumulation of moisture indoors and inside the structures of the van. Cracks in structures, a leakage, poor ventilation or cold air can cause moisture to build up inside the van. High humidity can lead to issues with mould. Staying in a mouldy van can cause allergic reactions with symptoms such as nasal discharge, eye itching and fatigue. If the caravan is not ventilated properly, mouldy air remains inside and the amount of allergens increases.

Battery maintenance

Batteries of a camper van must be stored in suitable conditions for proper functioning. For example, a lithium battery should not be charged if the temperature is below 0 °C. When travelling in colder climates, special attention should be paid to the ambient temperature of the batteries to keep them working for a long time. Batteries may also be removable, allowing them to be stored in more favourable conditions than the van itself.

Fridge and freezer

Batteries may also be removable, allowing them to be stored in more favourable conditions than the van itself. If the sun shines directly on the side of the van with a fridge, the fridge will consume significantly more energy than if it was standing on the shadowy side. In the worst case, the fridge will warm up too much, which will cause the food to spoil. Set an alert from the Ruuvi mobile app to receive a notification if the temperature is above 6 °C. The temperature of a freezer should be kept at around -18 °C.

Storing of a camper van

It is necessary to monitor the storing environment of the camper van especially during the winter to prevent relative humidity from rising too much. Sealed tarp or a thick layer of snow is not a good cover since they make it impossible for moisture to evaporate and thus may cause issues with excessive humidity levels. Even when stored indoors, the humidity of a van can get too high without proper ventilation or moisture absorbers. There is not a specific maximum percentage of relative humidity, but the most important thing is to ensure ventilation and prevent moisture build-up.

We recommend monitoring the conditions of the storage of your camper van with Ruuvi measuring devices. This way your van will not be damaged by environmental conditions because of lack of awareness of what the conditions actually are. If you want to monitor these conditions remotely, we recommend purchasing a Ruuvi Gateway router. The Ruuvi Gateway transmits the measurements from RuuviTags over the Internet to the Cloud, allowing you to track measurement results even outside the Bluetooth range. Set alarms in the Ruuvi app and get notifications if you need to change anything in the storage area.

Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and motion.


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