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Use RuuviTags at home and for your hobbies

RuuviTag is a weatherproof Bluetooth sensor capable of sending temperature, humidity, pressure and motion information directly to your mobile phone.

It has limitless use possibilities around your home, and has a convenient, long-lasting battery.

Temperature, humidity, air pressure, motion, proximity


Easily measure temperature, relative air humidity, air pressure and movement.

History graphs

Look at RuuviTags data in real time, and explore history graphs on your phone.


Set alerts and get notified if limits are exceeded: too cold, too hot, too far, etc...

Professional Features

Let the app act as a gateway and route the data to a server.

Easy mobile appRuuvi Station

RuuviTags work best with our official Ruuvi Station mobile application. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

It's for everyone Why people love RuuviTags?

The device has numerous uses.

Attach one to your fridge, one outside your home, and one in your bedroom. Only your imagination sets the limits on how RuuviTags can be used to simplify your everyday life.

Weather history graphs - RuuviTag

Collect weather data

The weatherproof RuuviTag operates in both cold and hot environments. It’s the perfect solution for tracking outdoor environmental factors. Ruuvi Station mobile app accurately shows the weather data.

Set proximity Alerts

Set up your mobile phone to notify you if a close relative, pet, or a valued possession gets out of range. Monitor anything from your cat to your luggage. Its many uses will make it a perfect gift for anyone.

Greenhouse and garden temperature monitoring with IoT sensor tag RuuviTag

Monitor your greenhouse

Follow relative air humidity and temperature to maintain an optimal environment for your plants. Set alerts to notify you when the temperature gets too cold at night. A great gift idea for anyone who enjoys gardening.

Keep your pets safe and comfortable

The well-being of your beloved pets is so important. Follow how cold your dog's house gets at night or get notifications when it's time to cover your horse with a blanket.

Music instrument air humidity with IoT sensor tag RuuviTag

Get humidity alerts at home

Is your basement too humid? Is the air too dry for your musical instruments? Now you can have the answers at your fingertips. A great tool for any house owner, musician, or a collector of valuable objects.

Temperature alerts for sauna

Enjoy the perfect sauna

Get a notification when your sauna is warm enough for you to use. This is especially useful if your sauna is by a lake: eliminate the inconvenience of having to check if the heater is doing its job.

Security with IoT sensor tag RuuviTag

Keep your belongings safe

Get notified when someone moves your possessions. A perfect device to help protect physical assets of any kind.

“Every morning my dad checks logs from his phone to see how the weather was and is outside their house.”

Eeva, 31

Happy users Share your favorite use of RuuviTags

@ruuvicom and #ruuvitag

Monitoring wine temperature

Do you know the ideal conditions where different kinds of wines should be stored in? We actually didn't. But now we have a complete monitoring system set up. You can do it too. - @ruuvicom

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RuuviTag Video Review

Sensors, BLE, JavaScript and lots of nerd
- #garyexplains


Monitoring greenhouse

More cooling to greenhouse! #Finland summer is now hot and it's getting even hotter. - @HenriHakunti

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RuuviTag video review (in Finnish)

Ensimmäinen askel kohti omaa älytaloa. - Latari


RuuviTag measures meeting room temperature

We have @ruuvicom tagged our meeting rooms in Tampere. - @ParoniAnttila

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Baby Temperature

Are my baby's feet warm when outside? Now I know. - @juperala

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Happy user @aknutas using a RuuviTag to measure sauna temperature.

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Works out of the box!

Weather-station arrived! Works out of the box! Thanks @ruuvicom - @naptics

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“I always keep one in my luggage. The app alerts me if it gets out of range. Same way, I can also easily find it at the airport. And when not traveling, I use it to see how the weather is outside.”

Ann, 35

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